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SALEM, MA – BridgeView IT goes for quality over quantity when it comes to the candidates they introduce to their clients. The firm has been staffing IT companies for about 10 years, and has had an East Coast office in Salem for about four years.

Nick Nordin, vice president of BridgeView IT's New England branch, grew up in Swampscott and pitched Salem for the firm's Massachusetts office. When he lived on the North Shore, there wasn't much going on, but by the time he came back the Ugly Mug Diner had opened, as had Naumkeag Ordinary and other eateries.

"Salem has become the unofficial hub of the North Shore," said Nordin. "In terms of new restaurants or breweries or tech companies, it just seemed like the logical place if we opened on the North Shore."

Nordin said that in terms of recruiting on the North Shore, the area boasts a lot of IT talent, and a lot of people that don't want to make the commute to Boston anymore. In some cases, it's candidates who have made the commute for years to downtown Boston, and are willing to take a pay cut to ditch the commute. In others, the area colleges are producing young candidates that can't always afford the Boston renting market.

"The days are gone where you think you have to do the long commute," said Nordin. He said he's also found that companies are catering to North Shore candidates by moving to spots more easily accessed by the commuter rail.

"I think it’s just begun, because there’s so many people that live north of that 128 belt," Nordin said of the trends surrounding the North Shore. From what Nordin has seen, he thinks it's possible that a large employer join the mid-sized and small businesses, and do for the area what Parker Brothers (creators of Monopoloy) did for Salem.

"As we grow, the North Shore is growing," said Nordin.

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