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SALEM, MA – About a year and a half ago, Erin Hegarty and her partners debated sharing office space in the city for their creative development company, Fresh Since 2015. They felt strongly that they didn't want to share, and they didn't want to commute.

Hegarty had fallen in love with Salem long before that, when she moved to an apartment and saw the parallels between Witch City and her hometown of New Bedford. She saw that they were both cities gaining momentum while staying true to their historic roots.

Fresh Since 2015 landed an office space behind the Peabody Essex Museum and off of the pedestrian mall: Prime real estate in Salem. The reasonable rent meant low overhead for the company, and they found over time that clients and business partners loved to visit and make a day out of historic Salem.

Hegarty said Fresh Since 2015 does creative development for anything digital, including virtual and augmented reality, helping brands stand out from the competition. Their work is often campaign-based, and they have worked with Converse, Showcase Cinemas (National Amusements), Warrior/New Balance, and YMCA of Greater Boston.

The team – Sean Cunningham, Jesse Vuona, and Hegarty – also came to recognize the strong network of people on the North Shore.

"It was really kind of remarkable the people power that was here," Hegarty said. "I think the brain power on the North Shore is outrageous." She said InnoNorth – a Salem-based networking platform – helps provide those connections between people and companies.

Hegarty feels that the area boasts a sense of work/life balance that isn't as pronounced in Boston or Cambridge. People from a variety of industries are happy with their jobs, she said, and don't have to commute more than a few miles.

The Fresh Since 2015 office speaks to that work/life balance, with music always going and guitars strewn about for anyone to use. Hegarty said clients and partners will drop by and work from there for the day before going to spending time at the Peabody Essex Museum and on Pickering Wharf.

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Image via Fresh Since 2015